Nikola Pranjić, attorney at law

Lawyer Nikola Pranjić graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Rijeka in 2007, with a diploma in “Companies” from the course in Economics.

In the same year, he enrolled in the Croatian Bar Association, and as a law trainee, he worked at the Joint Law Offices of Silvana Demark and Lada Ostaric Vukovic in Rijeka, as well as the law offices of Senad Vukovic and Sanja Bravar in Rijeka.

During his four years under the mentorship of appointed lawyers, he has had the opportunity to gain experience in all legal fields while specializing in mandatory, commercial, and administrative law, especially in tax matters.

After passing the bar examination before the Ministry of Justice at
In 2011, he founded his own law office based in Rijeka, with continued cooperation with lawyer Sanja Bravar.

Lawyer Nikola Pranjić is a member of the Croatian Bar Association.


Nikola Pranjić, attorney at law
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